Samantha Armstrong is currently a 10th grader in Encinitas, CA.  She was diagnosed with Dyslexia in 2nd grade, and struggled like most would. Somewhere in that struggle Samantha realized that Dyslexia was not going to define her. Rather, she would find a way to define it and succeed as a result of this Gift.

Samantha has an amazing heart. Although Brain Town started as a story Samantha told to her parents to help describe what it was to be Dyslexic in 2nd grade, it was written into a book with young students in mind that were about to go through the same thing Samantha had just experienced. She wanted to do something that could make school easier for kids like her by sharing how she made it through. This book was her chance to let young boys and girls, just like her, know that it is going to be OK. In fact, it is even better than OK! 

Since the book was initially written, she has read it to many students with various learning conditions. She is now mentoring many of these kids and helping them to make the most of their Gifts and maintain their confidence.

Samantha is a natural leader. She is currently the Student Council President of her school and has been involved with student government since 5th grade. She plans to continue in leadership positions as she gets ready to attend high school next year. 

She is active in her community as a member of the National Charity League. She and her mother Nancy volunteer regularly at a local senior citizen center, as a dog walker and other events around the community.

Samantha enjoys creating! Whether it is drawing, painting or building something with wood or steel. Samantha is a visionary with the work ethic of an entrepreneur. This book is just the beginning for Samantha.

She hopes this book will act as a tool for not only kids but for the parents to understand what it feels like to live with this Gift. So far it has worked! She has enlightened not only her own family but families everywhere.


Enjoy your own experience in Brain Town!